An App for people who are deaf (or would like a cool alarm)

An App for deaf people or those with a hearing impairment. This app will also be your best friend as well as your worse enemy (if you don't like being woken up) It is designed to utilise all the senses of your iPhone and Android phone. It has a flashing screen, it vibrates, it uses the camera flash and is loud.


Be Alert

Never be late again. Never burn the Sunday roast. Never miss meetings. All because you didn't hear the phone (or didn't feel it vibrating)

Costs Less Than A Cup of Coffee

An amazing app which costs less than the price of a cup of coffee.

Choose Your Senses

Choose the flashing screen. Just have the phone vibrate. Set the camera flash. Be alerted by sound. Or have all four turned on.

Made By A Deaf Person

An app designed by a hearing impaired person with Deaf people in mind (or just plain heavy sleepers)

Descriptive Alarms

Uniquely give each alarm setting a description. A description could be 'Make your partner a cup of tea to get out of the doghouse'

Apple Watch (optional)

The App is also designed to work with the Apple Watch. Use the Apple Watch to see what alarms you have coming up as well as turn them off.

See how our deaf alarm works

We have made this app for deaf people super easy to work with

Choose how to be notified

Choose how you would like the alarm to get your attention.

The App has an easy interface where you can select the camera flash, have a flashing screen, have it vibrate or use sound. You may select one or two or even use all the senses of your iPhone or Android handset.

Not all senses may be appropriate for every scenario for an example during a work meeting you may not want the phone to rudely interrupt you by sound or vibration. A discreet flashing screen telling you that your child needs to be picked up from nursery may be more appropriate.


This deaf app will get your attention

No longer do you have to put the phone under your pillow or in your pocket in order to (hopefully) be woken up. At night put the phone at the side of the bed and let it flash to wake you up (using the flashing screen and camera flash). Put the iPhone on the kitchen table whilst chopping carrots to remind you to take the roast out of the oven. Settle down, watch a movie and let the App tell you when its time to go to bed.

Steven MifsudAs a person born profoundly deaf, I have been frustrated throughout my life with the lack of innovation designed for deaf people in technology. One problem I have had is a suitable alarm clock or timer that appropriately notifies me. This App was born out of frustration and was initially just developed for my own personal use.
Steven Mifsud
DeafWake Designer / Director of Direct Access

More key features of our deaf app

A lot of stuff that makes your life as a deaf person easier

Choose Clock Interfaces

Choose from a selection of different clock faces. Simply swipe left or right. You may prefer an easier analogue clock.. we've got that too.

Repeat Common Alarms

You can opt to have one off alarms such as 'pick up the flowers' and set some alarms to repeat every day such as 'time to get up for work'

Excellent Support

Suggestions will be incorporated in future updates (partly why we have to charge a cup of coffee) A version for the iPad is in the works.

What our users are saying

Don't just take our word for it

This is great! Finally an App that will help me know when I need to leave for appointments. No longer do I miss the phone vibrating.
Lisa Doe
Lisa Doe
Really cool App. Pleased that I'm no longer just restricted to just a vibrate mode on my phone. Well done.
Jim Dafoe
Jim Dafoe
I'm surprised it has taken this long for someone to actually utilise the powerful piece of kit in our pockets to help Deaf people. Great stuff.
Felix Parker
Felix Parker

What are you waiting for!

Get this superb deaf alarm app today

For less than a price of coffee, download this App today and be amazed! Tell your friends and family, please do be sure to leave a review on the Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore (Android).